Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spin today - I0 miles in 36 minutes. I wished my spinning worked out more than just my legs because these are easy and convenient!

Monday, May 28, 2012

"'Remember, your worst run is always 100 percent

          better than the person who never tries.'" 
Today was a stiff and painful stupid 2.6 mile Walk!!! My bottom is still sore from my sciatic nerve issue, my leg is quite bit tender, my ego and motivation are really taking a hit. Argghhh. LOTS of runners out today, and you know what, that really depressed me. I am happy for them, but soooo jealous. :(

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spin - 5 miles. Spinning feels great, but a long car ride (4 hours) to a small community college in Western Colorado - CNCC, was not fun. The car ride stiffened up my leg and i had to ease out of the car at every stop and slowly straighten my leg. It also aggravated my sciatic nerve and my back end hurst too!!
So i eased the pain by my usual - over eatting !! ice cream and brownies.
Maybe they allow scooters on the St George Marathon course? ;)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

5 mile walk because that is what was on my 'training plan'
Leg felt sore after 4 miles and continued to do so all day.
I am really beginning to rethink my marathon, this leg issue is annoying, but not quitting yet.

I need to catch up because i have been having a failure week!
Monday - Nothing at all.
Tuesday - 3 mile walk - all was ok.
Wednesday - 2 miles and my leg would have none of it - so i kept it at 2.
Thursday - 11.6 mile spin - this was a great sweaty pain free spin!! Yay!
Friday - 2 miles - pain free but ran out of time on my slow - 17:30 pace!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Today was officially Week 1 Day 1 of marathon training!!! 4 miles
I was over anxious and did intervals the first 2 miles: walking 3 minutes/running 1 minute for the first mile, then walking 4 minutes/ running 1 minute for the next mile. That caused a definite pain in my right leg. So i walked miles 3 and 4, with just 2 - 30 second running efforts mixed in somewhere.
My leg is not happy. I have stretched, foam rolled, and iced it  and it is still very tender and achey.
The rest of this week i will just walk my schedule - that was supposed to be my plan anyway for now - and see where that gets me by next Sunday.
My time - first 2.1 miles - 30 minutes. Second 2 miles - 36 minutes, but that also included a stop and short chat with a neighbor (3-4 minutes)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Morning walk 3.26 in 51:28 - little bit faster. Nice and still when i went out at 6:30, but by the time i left for work at 9:00, windy and rainy!! here in Utah you never know how quickly the weather can turn yucky, but i have noticed more time than not, if i get a run or walk in early in the morning, i usually have better weather than the afternoon has.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spinning day - nothing much to report except i got a spin in and a few reps with weights.
Spin 11 miles in somewhere around 36 minutes.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today was a walk day -  walk 3.28 miles in 54 minutes - it was just over a 16 minute pace. Leg ached entire last half of the walk, so i slowed down my pace there.
But i just checked my Marathon Training schedule, and it starts this weekend. I thought i had already lost 2 weeks but i have not. But the best news is the Epiphany i had earlier today, and i just checked in my book - yep - John Bingham has 4 plans for his half-marathon training and his full marathon training plans. The first level for each is a walking plan, then it has walk/run, run/walk and run only plans. Each plan is the same number of weeks, each plan has the activities similar for each day of the week.
Same number of long miles on the weekend, you just approach the miles with walking or running or the combination of each that you want to do - So here we go. I will follow the 'walk' plan until my leg stops aching, then i will progress to the walk/run and eventually to the run/walk.
Yay! I am excited that i have not lost any weeks and i have a plan i can now do!!
Finally i am Optimistic about this marathon training!!! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just a spin  of 7 miles in 25 minutes. Then 25 sb crunches. I have really let my eating habits get lazy since i have not been able to run. Hoping to start up running this Sunday.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Spin and walk today - 2 miles each. Leg still feels a bit sore during my walking.....

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today, for Mother's Day. I went for a one mile walk and them a hike with 2 of my sons. We hiked up to Donut Falls in Big Cottonwood Canyon.
The weather was absolutely perfect, and there were a lot of mothers out today with their children, from little preschoolers to adult children.
From where we parked, it was about 3/4 a mile up a well groomed road, then about .85 up a trail that was fairly easy uphill, except for the spots where the sun had not melted the snow, and in these spots the snow was packed down and slippery. Otherwise, it was easy if you watched your footing over some rocks and roots.
I was surprised however, at how out of breath i got on the steeper inclines. The groomed part and the natural section both had some inclines and i was panting quite a bit. I hope my leg gets over it's achiness pretty soon so i can run and stop sitting around so much. Its hard in the evenings to get on my spin bike and ride and get hot and sweaty when my husband is watching TV right there. And yes, he complains when i open the window. Sometimes it is not worth the defeated feeling i get for just trying, so more often than not i don't ride it.

Total mileage today was 4.2 with some hills, some picturing taking, and a moose sighting! First one for me!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Susan Komen Race for the Cure ~ For my Mother's Day present to myself and to my daughters-in-law, i sponsored us all in the Race for the Cure.

Before and after the race pictures. It was an event full of energy, but not exciting. We missed my Daughter-in-Law's mother who is a Survivor and a very lively personality. She joined us last year, but was sick this year. I stopped by after the race and told her we intend on doing this continually and next year she is going to join us. She is very supportive of the family group effort, because  my sons and these two women are going through divorces, but we want to keep the contact with these babes and really between all of us alive and growing strong over the years ahead. It's hard to do, but hoping for a united front all around!

Friday, May 11, 2012

I realized i haven't been posting ~ That is because i have been feeling sorry for myself. My leg is still sore when i run at all, so i was just being a lazy slob. Then my sister gave me a kick in the arse and told me to get up and do what i can do. So i have been doing a little spinning, and some walking in the mornings.
Total mileage is 11 walking and 8 spinning in the last 8 days. And i have renewed my efforts at yoga. This is probably what i need to increase the most.
In fact this morning on my walk I stopped at the neighborhood church, which has grassy fields , a baseball field, and a view of the valley and the Wasatch mountains in front of it since it is on the edge of the neighborhood, well i stopped on the grass and did some Sun Salutations to help me stretch my leg during my walk and get  myself 'centered'. I felt a lot better after stopping to do this and my posture was upright and stronger after taking this moment.
I am improving slowly, but with marathon training starting up next week........ I guess for now i will be walking the miles.
This link is something a friend of mine posted on Dailymile, it is really inspiring!http://youtu.be/qX9FSZJu448
Hope i got it downloaded correctly!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Tried something new today, set my coffee pot for 5:00 just to make on e cup of coffee to see if that could wake me up enough to go run outside at 6:30. Well getting up at 5:00 is very difficult for me, so since i DID IT, I knew i had to go out and run.
3.3 miles in 35 minutes. Felt pretty strong and now i can really hear the wind whipping up as i type, so i am glad i got this happy run in.
My son just came in and showed me how to zoom in on my screen so i can actually see what i am typing. Boy does that help!!
I am going to work on getting up extra early to conquer my avoidance of running outside. I wish i knew the reason why. I think just lack of confidence. I see people running everyday as i drive to work, and i think "i wish i could run strong and confident like they do' well, i am where i am and really need to remind myself that any running is an accomplishment.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Trying to work on getting outside, i don't quite understand why i am hesitant to go out. So i made myself go at least for a walk. 1.1 miles but then my leg started aching again, but i broke the barrier for today and got out.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stared outside this morning, but could not bring myself to go out to run. Went down to the basement to run on my treadmill. but .6 into it my right leg, inner side of the knee, really started hurting. It kept me up last nite hurting. I think it was from kneeling down to put in and level bricks on Sunday.
I shut off the treadmill at .8 and opted for a spin. 5 miles, something but not the run i hoped for.