Monday, January 30, 2012

Today i tried to do a short easy run on my treadmill, but, it was a fail. From my shin to my shoulders my entire right side ached, so i only finished one mile at a  13:00 min pace.

I did 5 miles spinning instead.
A disappointing day for running but i get to spend the rest of it with my 15 month old granddaughter!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yesterday was a 'rest' day and i just did a 23 minute spin to keep the legs loose.

Today was a 4 mile run. I woke up with a lot of sciatic pain in my right rear side so i tried stretching and trying to open my spine to ease the pain. By the afternoon it was improved so i decided to venture to the outdoors, since it had warmed up to 40 degrees.
 I went to the track at Copper Hills High School and tried to see how far i could run without walking breaks. This track has 8 lanes and i was the only one down there, so i decided to go 8 laps, (2 miles) in one direction and then turn and do the second 8 laps in the opposite direction. I had been running only on the treadmill since November and this was first time outside in two months and it was a struggle. With the first 4 steps i realize how much training i still had ahead of me and needed to do more of it on firm ground.

 At the end of the first mile, 11:50 pace, I allowed myself a one minute walking break, at the end of mile 2, 11:30 pace, I allowed myself another 1 minute walk break, mile 3 was 11:40, but i did not take a walk break this time and mile 4 was somewhere between 11:00 and 12:00 minutes, unfortunately i forgot to check the seconds, but i think it was closer to 12:00 minutes.
  I am glad i got to get an outdoors run in, but in three weeks i have a 5 mile terrain run and it is not looking pretty.

Week 2 of half marathon training for the Salt Lake City Half Marathon is Done!!! :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Today was another treadmill run, 35 min, 3 miles. Walked 4 min first,  then I started out with a slow jog, too slow, I had to speed up quite a bit to finish at the 3 mile mark in the 35 minutes. Then a cool down walk for 4 minutes, then 4 - 45 second strides with 45 second cool down in between each one. The first 2 were at 7.0 then the the second 2 were at 7.5. This entire run and strides felt really good today - Hope that starts a trend of Good Feeling Runs!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

    I forgot to post yesterday's run - It was a 35 min, 3 mile run on my treadmill. It felt pretty good.
    I saw that my sister checked out my blog and posted my first comment! Thank you Karen. She is my biggest supporter and cheer leader and i appreciate and love her to pieces, BUT, her email address she had to create to comment is 'runningfatstick'!!! Karen, not true, but hilarious!! Our plan is to run a 1/2 marathon together some day. We just haven;t yet decided who should to the traveling since she lives in Alabama. I think i want to be the one to travel, but after I get my marathon done!!
     I have a pinched sciatic nerve right now, so today i opted for an indoor cycle - 30 min, 8 miles. When i get this nerve straightened out, I want to add running on Thursday, but for now it's a cross training day.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Start of My Journey...

This is my goal ~ The St George Marathon, October 6th 2012.
This will be my first marathon, just 5 days before I turn 55. I am mot consistent in keeping a journal, but i spend more time than I should on the internet. So I am going to blog my journey, hopefully learn from it and share the adventure with any one else who is contemplating starting a similar journey.

Tonite officially started the first step with a beginning weigh in and evaluation at West Jordan's Biggest Loser competition. They checked our blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose along with weight, body fat %, metabolic rate, fat mass, etc. The most shocking was my % of body fat - Holy Cow!!

The summary is.... I have A LOT of work to do!!
I do run now, not a lot and not fast, but i have finished a number of 5k's, one 10k, and the Disneyland Half Marathon.
I have run in the Huntsman World Senior Games every year since i turned 50 five years ago.
So i am not really starting from square 1, but i have a long road to travel. I am starting my running this
year with a 5 miler at Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane Utah in February,
a 10k in St George in March, and the Salt Lake 1/2 marathon in April.

I am optimistic about the year ahead!!