Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today was a running day. Legs were tired from 2 spinning sessions yesterday, but the schedule said 44 minutes, so that is what it did! 4 miles in 46 minutes with 1 walking break. I accidentally hit the wrong button while trying to turn up the volume on my ipod. The button i pressed instead stopped the whole treadmill, miles and time, so i took a drinking water walking break then. I did the first mile in 12 minutes, then tried to go just one click faster each mile. I did finish the last half mile faster, 11 min pace then started the very last .25 at 10:30 pace and slowly increased it till the last little bit was at my dream pace, 10:00 min pace.
Tonite was weigh-in nite at the W J Biggest Loser - well it appears that the cookies brought on by those little green monsters, Girl Scouts, caused me to gain 1.2 pounds. I just can't seem to get this dieting thing under control!!!!

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  1. Great job running!~!~
    those green monsters are horrible aren't they!!! I find if i put the box in the freezer i am less likely to eat them all at once!! or too many at once!!! i have also learned to eat one slow and realized they really arent that good.. of course that is not including the thin mints.. those are good no matter what!! haha. hang in there.. remember good food in moderation.. oh.. also if your pants are too tight you cant get any more food in your tummy!! so wear tight pants!! hahaha