Sunday, April 8, 2012

This was probably my worst long run I can remember.
I got up 2 hours later than planned (no surprise) and did not fuel at all. Warmed up by hiding Easter Eggs (yes for my teenagers, they still compete to find the most) Actually when i got back, one of the dogs, the chocolate lab!!, had found and eaten 7!!
Anyway, the temp was 38 when i left so i wore tights, the sun rose higher and at mile 3 i had to stop at home to change into shorts, just way too hot. Somebody in the neighbor was baking cinnamon rolls, hmmm they smelled so good!, so when i stopped to change i ate part of a banana and grabbed a drink of water, and used the restroom. This pit stop was 10 minutes long!!! So my time is a bit longer for it.

So i ran around my neighbor again and at mile 5.75 i headed down the hill to the library, making myself run the whole 2.5 without walking.When i got the library I turned around, now at 8.25, chomped on 3 Cliff Blox and headed back up the hill to my home. Much more walking on the way back up. Downhill was in 27 minutes, back up was in 35.
 I kept getting cramps in my calves on the way back. I was remembering that about 7-8 years ago when my son would ride his bike while I ran, we would head out for 7-10 miles often, and i never had cramps. But i used Gatorade for my fluid intake. Today it was just water, and i am thinking the potassium or sodium in Gatorade helped me ward off cramping. Today i think i sweated out all nutrients!!!
2 weeks until my half, and i am hoping that for race day, i will have a better run.


  1. what are cliff blox? i assume some sort of protein thing.. go for the gu chomps or the honey stingers, they not only taste good, they have the electrolytes you need on your long runs.. you are right about the fuel!! you HAVE to eat right on days before your long runs.. what a difference it makes!!! otherwise that was a long run!!! i am proud of you for getting the miles in..
    way to go charlie eating the eggs!!!!
    i cant believe your boys still hunt for them. are they the hard boiled kind or the plastic with cash stuffed into them???
    you will do fine for your half.. you just have to remember food is fuel.. forget about flavors.. eat what is going to help you run.. remember you are an athlete in training!!!
    put down the chocolate easter bunny!!!
    haha :)

  2. It's not an easter bunny - cadbury mini eggs!!! yummm :)
    It's hard boiled eggs, yes i still dye them and yes they still find them!!
    Cliff blox, are same thing as gu chomps, just a different brand.