Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Treadmill run today. I was soooo tired this morning that i could not drag myself out of bed, then this evening it was a bit windy, well a lot windy, so i opted for a treadmill run: 2.25 miles in 24:20, then a cooldown for .5 of a mile. Calves were a little tender tonite, but much better!
I signed up for the Timpanogos Half Marathon - it is in July and it has an elevation drop of 1,800 feet down American Fork Canyon, should be beautiful! It is called Timpanogos because you run past Timpanogos caves, a landmark. The worst part of this is the 4:30 Bus pickup!!! Yikes!!!


  1. Wow, you are really going to do this one??? I know we have talked about it, 430 sure is early in the morning! but it should be a beautiful run, and not too hot since it is up the canyon. be sure to practice down hill runs. totally different muscles. so glad you are feeling better. proud of you!!!!

  2. Hey Michelle! I just found your blog. I too am running Timpanogos! Maybe I'll see you there ..