Tuesday, April 10, 2012

These are some of the wonderful ladies who donate their time every week to weigh in the participants of West Jordan's Biggest Loser! The 2 happy ladies on the left are there EVERY Week with encouragements, even though i am so up and down each week. Last week a gain of 1.4, this week a loss of 1.
No more Junk from now till my 1/2 in 11 days..... yikes!!

Todays run was a sunrise run, and it was  a great morning for it. 51 degrees out with only a slight wind coming out from the south. I got out at 6:31 and was out looping my neighborhood till just after the sun rose around 7:00.
3.3 miles, 37 minutes.
I went to the running store to buy a new bra, and talk about my calf cramps.
The are in agreement, i am depleting my electrolytes, and they told me that the calf muscles are the first to react. So their solution, is to hydrate with Gatorade, or a different sports drink that i like, to replace my electrolytes while running longer distances.
A friend of mine at work suggested i try coconut milk, and.or coconut water.
So i will give the coconut water a try when i get a chance, other people drink it too.
But for my half it looks like i will be carrying Gatorade....

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  1. that is great they donate their time for this!! and i am proud of you for being down 1. keep it up. you are right.. no junk food till your half. food is just fuel make every bite count!!!
    Sounds like you had a beautiful run! it is warmer at your house this morning, than mine!! good time on your run!!
    glad to hear you have some suggestions for your calf cramps. i did buy one of those smaller bottles, i havent had a chance to use it yet, but will take it on saturday's short race and i will let you know how it goes. it has a nice little zip pocket on the hand piece, and the bottle is 10 oz small and curves to fit your palm...

    keep up the good work!!!!!